Titanlord is a new alien based off of Thanos.
Titanlord (Reboot)!


  • Super Strength
  • Wields the Titan Gauntlet.
  • If he snaps his fingers once with all the Power Stones, he can obliterate someone into dust with ease.

Power Stone Powers:

  • 1.) Space Power Stone -
  • Can survive in space.
  • Can move planets with his hands.
  • 2.) Reality Power Stone -
  • Can warp & disfigure reality the way he sees fit.
  • 3.) Soul Power Stone -
  • Can make a good or bad person go the opposite.
  • Can hold the souls of the dead.
  • 4.) Mind Power Stone -
  • Can mind control someone or make him do whatever he wishes.
  • 5.) Dark Power Stone -
  • Can increase his strength levels & control energy.
  • Can terminate a planet if its full power is unleashed.
  • 6.) Chrono (Time) Power Stone -
  • Can time travel
  • Can speed up or slow down time.
  • Can stop time or end it.